Monday, March 30, 2015

T Minus 2 Days

2 More Days Left!

Not too long ago I felt it was time to start a fresh new blog.  It wasn't about the old being bad or needing improvement or anything like that.  It was just simply a time for change and that change I wanted to bring to the blog I've been writing necessitated for an entirely new blog.  If you'd like to read some of my current thoughts on this, check out my count down series which are the last few blog posts I will write for this specific blog.  

Again, if you'd like to see what's brewing for my new blog you send me a message via email: 

I have enjoyed the last few years.  I hope to see you all come visit me and my new blog!  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

T Minus 3 Days

3 More Days Left!

I'm actually so excited about starting this blog I might actually be deleting this blog a couple days after I publish my last blog post.  It can take a while before a blog is ready to be unveiled.  My last blog had a rough start.  With the last blog I was kinda sorta just discovering who I am as a blogger, kinda researching on what makes one blog successful and what makes other  blogs less succsesful. So, I want to take what has developed through this blog and take and what I've learned along the way and bring the two together with Journey Unbroken.  

As mentioned in previous blog posts if you wish to be notified with a link of my new blog you can do so by emailing me:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

T Minus 4 Days

4 More Days Left!

So the last few days I've been letting you know that I'll be deleting this blog and starting a new blog. I have also been telling you about two specific days I'll be posting various articles.  I'm exciting to start this new journey with #MondayBlogs.  

So what is #MondayBlogs?

#MondayBlogs is a way to advertise via Twitter your blog.  The idea is that every Monday you post an article from your blog.  It doesn't have to be a blog post published specifically on a Monday, it's just that every Monday you post a link on Twitter to your blog including the hashtag ( # ) and in that way on Monday morning you can go to twitter and search #MondayBlogs and then see a list of blogs posted using the hashtag #MondayBlogs.  Then as a blogger you can connect with various other bloggers doing the same thing!  It's an idea that somebody had and it's caught on by many bloggers now doing the same thing.  The only thing is, some people are not quite getting the idea or using it for some other purpose which is less than wholesome.  All that to say, is that you have to be careful because not everybody who uses #MondayBlogs do so for legitimate reasons.  This is suppose to generate traffic to your blog.  Sounds like a good idea.  Others may post on a different week but that's not the point.  The point is to post on twitter with #MondayBlogs on Monday as early as possible. 

So what do I mean by Friday Foray? 

In short, a Foray can be used in various contexts but for the context of this blog, it is basically another word for Journey or an Exploration.  In all honesty it rhymes with Friday so I thought it was an interesting way to create a theme for the blog posts I publish on Fridays.  Unlike #MondayBlogs the idea for Friday Foray is my own little creative way to have a theme for another day besides Monday and have it slightly different from Monday as well.

As I mentioned, the best way to ensure you receive a link to my new blog is via email: 

Other then that, I hope to have Journey Unbroken blog up and running by the end of April, 2015.